We present API that will transform the web from your station. A powerful and practical tool to maximize the functionality of the website and also increase the value of your productions.
Available in WordPress plugin

If you want a powerful system with endless possibilities WordPress is a good option. A free and open system where we can find multiple functionalities thanks to plugins. Now added to the list our plugin that further simplifies the work of our web API.

online demonstrations

You can see a live demonstration of these tools to the following address:

Implementation of Web APIs:


To access the username and password you will need the following:

User: demouser

Password: demopassword

Implementation of the WordPress plugin:


Real success stories

You can also visit the websites of Radio Piera and Radio Capellades which have already been successfully implemented these tools.


Implementing the API coordinated with spectacular visual features of HTML5.


Implementation of the WordPress plugin for wordpress taking full advantage of the system.

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