Editing audio

The range of programs for audio editing is very large and powerful, faithful to our philosophy we believe that the more convenient system MSC_Automatització meet this software instead of competing with this reality and force our customers to a features that do not meet their expectations.

Collecting impressions and needs of our customers we have adapted the system to edit audio files with the favorite editing program for each client. You just specify the menu / Production / Options / Selecting audio editor / Program Management MSC.
This can vary each PC where the system is installed.

Each screen management of the different files (music, advertising, Jingelin, etc) can edit the file or files selected by CTRL + E (Edit), after unprotected data. Then start your editor with the selected files.
Import function faster with Windows Explorer to drag

Import dragging

To get more functionality and more fluidity in this screen has adapted the functionality of drag from Windows Explorer to the list. This option is valid for all supported formats (.mp3, .wav and .cda).

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