Brief description of the new features of version 6.6

Customization system by user ID. Adding to the identification of this new feature users to further customize the screens to the needs of each user. This function is enabled regardless if the overall environment is established user control.
MSC Management:
Choice of the buttons on the toolbar to the needs of each user’s work.
Menu accessible according to user permissions.
editing screen for the current user to modify passwords, customize profiles and monitor parameters of the corresponding connections.
MSC cartridge: Customization according to users
Customize folders visible in the browser database.
Set favorite songs for quick location.
MSC Direct: You can set and display the favorite songs
MSC Management: Import: Unification System automatically create a record regardless of its origin (CDDS, Mp3tag). Possibility of incorporating also the image of the album (if it is captured tag).
MSC Management: Control of Radiation:
Maximizing the list and optionally display the statistical parameters and radiation research.
Reproduction of the exact moment the list and editing the layout corresponding to radiation that moment.Control
MSC Management: Schedule and Programming Logger. Improved functionality of the screens showing records scheduled on a calendar grid, switchable to view a specific day or all setmana.Edició Calendar
MSC Management: Software:
Adding tags for better classification of programs.
Sessions program divided into parts and to re-incorporate broadcast advertising between the parties.
MSC cartridge:
According to user customization (described above).
Homogenization of the function keys.
Left button to drag trace a list to another.
Right click popup menu for more options.
CTRL + 1: send a file to the database to # 1 cartridge, the cartridge CTRL + 2 No. 2, etc.
Improved calculation of total playing time.
MSC Monitor:
Automatic detection and removal of these orphaned connections.
Libraries Web: Available in beta library website to provide functionality to your portal. With tools for interconnection with social networks facebook and twitter.
F1 to everyone. We’re not talking about racing, it is the function key to access the online manual. Now accessible to everyone without any restrictions.
Detection and correction of different bugs (program errors).

We hope that these new features are of interest. For more information

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