In this article the intent is reflected in a very schematic particularity and the advantage that imply automating the station as a service rather than a product. Our aim is to interconnect the channels and create new ones to maximize the potential of local radio.

MSC_Automatització universe
conceptual map

MSC services

• Development of new functionalities.

• Adaptation of the specific new features.

• Resolution of anomalies with maximum immediacy.

• Integrated management website

• Domain registration.

• Web Hosting (web, dbs, mail, ftp)

• ShoutCast Hosting

• Web search engine optimization (SEO, SEO)

• Campaign Management AdWords advertising.
Community management

• User interactive FAQ, etc.

• channel to monetize their own productions stations.

• Channel access by external agents.

• Audiovisual Producers

• Content musical specialized labels.

• channel for recruitment advertising.
Open system

• Freedom of evolution for our customers.

• Expansion of services and functionality through third parties.

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