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  • Virtual Players
    Virtual Players
    Virtual cartridge to assist and simplify the implementation of programs live.
  • MSC Continuity
    MSC Continuity
    A program that performs automatic transmission programming music scheduling or recorded programs.
  • Radiation list
    Radiation list
    Changes in real time
  • Podcast on web
    Podcast on web
    Setup your site via API or wordpress plugin
  • Dinamic webs
    Dinamic webs
  • Import audio files
    Import audio files
    Importing most popular audio formats. Import data via CDDB or TAG from mp3.
  • Advertising
    Schedule advertising easily.
  • Editing Podcasting
    Editing Podcasting
    Edit files published to the podcast.
  • Logger
    Make legal copies, record programs and publish on the web.
  • Easy editing
    Easy editing
    Screen editing songs
  • Calendar
    Easy schedule calendar.