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MSC Radio Automation

The radio in the cloud

MSC Radio Automation is a set of programs and services for the complete programming, radiation and publication of the contents of a radio station.

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Different system settings

MSC Radio Automation is a versatile system that can be configured on a single computer or on a network.

Installing one or the other programs and configuring according to the purpose, we can define a system adapted to our needs, without giving up any of its advantages.

We can deploy the entire system on a network (option 1 , 2 and 6 ) or on a single computer (option 3 , 4 or 5 )

General particularities:

Configuration 1

On a local network with dedicated computers

This configuration is suitable for large stations, with departments and staff working simultaneously.

Configuration 2

In a local network with versatility computers

Certain system tasks are autonomous, these can be grouped into a single computer.

Configuration 3

Todos los programas autónomos en un solo ordenador y con tarjetas de sonido independientes para cada función.

Configuración recomendada para pequeñas / medianas emisoras con infraestructura técnica y espacios diferenciados para cada tarea (estudio de directo, estudio producción, redacción, etc).

This system configuration is the most practical and robust, since we concentrate all the autonomous functions of the system on a single computer.

Configuration 4

On a single computer and multiple sound cards.

Recommended configuration for small stations with a minimum of technical infrastructure. A sound mixer would be necessary to route the audio signal.

All programs installed.

Configuration 5

Virtualization of sound cards.

We can change the previous configuration making the sound cards virtual and thus be able to complete the entire system without needing anything more than the computer itself.

Recommended configuration for stations that only broadcast online.

Configuration 6

In a remote network (Internet)

For networks of stations that work in some aspects together (advertising).

We could have the MySQL data server and common audio files hosted in the cloud. The stations would access for centralized tasks, but they would have the possibility to continue carrying out their particular programming.