Minimum management, maximum automation

intelligent and functional

Autonomous operation without repetitive tasks. Changing any parameter in real time. Customization maximum radio programming.

Security and Control

User configurable controls to establish security and customization screens. Equipped with a control system anomalies and failures that any incident alert.

Cloud and network

Web-featured synchronous and ability to share content between broadcasters through the common platform.

Our value is the global service

These programs are fully operational and can use them freely without any cost.

At MSC-Soft we want to establish a very direct relationship between the development team and our clients. Thanks to this, we have managed to make some programs that are very practical and adapted to small and medium-sized radio stations, providing powerful and practical tools to make the most of the resources of the radio.

But let’s go further

We have developed some services that work integrated with our programs and thus minimize the management and maximize the value of your content. And we even provide unprecedented functionalities so far in the sector.

Added value:

  1. Service Hosting for up podcast
  2. Streaming service without limit of listeners
  3. Knowledge management OnLine (user manual, how to do, FAQ, discussion forums, etc).
  4. Active participation in the new features of the system.
  5. Free upgrades to new versions.
  6. Technical support via mail, telephone or remote desktop without restrictions.
  7. Source libraries to implement your website and provide it with interactivity.