MSC Radio Automation is a set of programs and services for the complete programming, radiation and publication of the contents of a radio station.

New times

We are fully in a paradigm shift where we have virtually the obligation to reinvent the radio without losing sight of the values of its existence. Positive changes that give us more tools to reach goals, to be more sustainable, to go further.

hand to hand

In MSC-Soft we have the will to establish a very direct relationship between the development team and our clients. Thanks to this we have managed to make some very practical programs adapted to small and medium-sized radio stations, providing powerful and practical tools to make the most of radio resources.

But we go further

We have developed services that work integrated with our programs and thus minimize management and maximize the value of your content. And we even provide you unpublished features so far in the sector.

Four data about the applications:

Musical import

Easy import
  • Automatic capture of musical information through remote TagMP3 and CDDB for CDs.
  • Import of formats (CD, mp3, wav, ogg) to mp3.
  • Massive import of audio files and massive modification of your data.
  • Automatic calculation of BPMs (rhythm).

Radio automation

Definition of the calendar

With the MSC Radio Automation system, no listings are generated for daily programming, the filters that the system must use in real-time searches are established. Two of the great advantages of operating in this way are:

  1. Possibility of making changes at the moment (new advertising for the same time).
  2. Doing the search in real time is able to find a theme to finish the hours and thus respect continuity, avoiding bad and untidy endings.

Programming system:

  • Programming for a day of the week and time.
  • Programming for a date and time.

Different actions of programming:

  • Radio-formula music in automatic. We can program any type of file to make it sound at specific times. Ex: lottery information, news bulletins, etc.
  • Program previously recorded.
  • Reproduction of a previously defined list.
  • Connection with an external audio signal (even streaming).
  • Pause, live program is made.

Security and control

  • Access by password of the different users. Personalization according to levels of trust (guests, users and administrators) and depending on the tasks to be carried out, we can enable or restrict the different programs and screens. In small environments, the password access system can be disabled.
  • Generation of automatic backup copies.
  • Radiation control of the programming.
  • Generation of audio files testimony of radiation (logger).
  • Radiation reports of advertising.

Players for live broadcasting

Players with advanced functionalities
  • Execution of as many instances of the program as you want, each instance can work with a different sound card.
  • Creation of infinite types of files for a better organization of the audio.
  • Playback also of external audio files of the system, including streaming.
  • You can save the created lists and also import from external (winamp, etc).

Free programs and radio on cloud

Our value is the global service.

The technical management of a current radio is much more than the internal management of audio files …

These programs are fully operational and you can use them with complete freedom. With this action we want to contribute our bit to the community and promote a technical improvement throughout the sector.

The needs of a radio station today are very complex and require the attention of different services. With MSC Radio Automation we have created a global system, where applications are only part of the system. Our applications are the tool to offer high added value services where the automation of tasks and the simplicity of the administration will free resources and maximize their content.