Radio automation

Here you can download the free MSC Radio Automation Suite. These programs are fully operational and you can use them with complete freedom.

With this action we want to contribute to the community and promote a technical improvement throughout the sector.

The needs of a radio station today are very complex and require the attention of different services. With MSC Radio Automation we have created a global system, where applications are only part of the system. Our applications are the tool to offer high added value services where the automation of tasks and the simplicity of the administration will free resources and maximize their content.

To help us improve our services and if you think it’s necessary, we would ask you to register, thanks to this you can also get free updates. You can do this simply by going to the services page that we offer you. You can also sign up for the digital newsletter and channel your questions through the user’s manual.

Thank you

In the installer program you can choose the language and the type of installation:

  • Installation complete.
  • Installation for continuity.
  • Installation for management.
  • Installation for onair production.

Download the latest version

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