[APP_VERSION]: Program name and version
[DATE]: Date of update

[NEW]: New functionality
[FIXED]: Error fixed
[UPDATED]: Simple update for third party adaptation
[IMPROVED]: Functionality improvement
[MISC]: Unclassifiable modifications.
[BUG]: Program error known but not controlled and not repaired.
{NAME_APP/LIBRARY}: Name of library / program, modification is in this file.

Update log

[APP_VERSION]: General 9.6.1 [DATE]: 2020/11/02

  • [FIXED] {MSCGestio.exe} Error starting import from
  • [FIXED] {MSCContinuity.exe}
Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow at MSCContinuity.frmDirecte.Tmr_Play_Tick

[APP_VERSION]: General 9.6.0 [DATE]: 2020/09/17

  • [NEW] {msc_cloud.dll} New library to unify all cloud services.
  • [UPDATED] Dependency change, now works with NET FrameWork 4.8.

[APP_VERSION]: {MSCGestio.exe} 9.6.0 [DATE]: 2020/09/17

  • [IMPROVED] Procedure for making mirror copies in the cloud.
  • [IMPROVED] Improving functionality in program sharing between broadcasters or producers. Start sharing by invitation.
  • [FIXED] Correction of the restoration system. In the old procedure there were import error depending on which UTF8 characters.