MSC Radio Automation is a software suite and services for the complete Programming, radiation and publication of the contents for a radio station.

We are fully in a paradigm shift where we practically obliged to reinvent the radio without losing sight of the values of its existence. Positive changes give us more tools to achieve goals, to be sustainable, to go further.

In MSC-Soft have the desire to establish a direct relationship between the development team and our customers. Thanks to this we managed to make some very practical programs tailored to small and medium-sized radio stations, providing some powerful tools and practices to maximize the resources of the radio.

Short description

Importing music.

  1. Automatic reception of information through musical TagMP3 and remote CDDB for CDs.
  2. Import formats (CD, mp3, wav, ogg) to mp3.
  3. Bulk import and modification massive audio files and data.
  4. Automatic calculation of BPMS (rhythm).

Radio Automation

Multiple rules restricting music.

  1. Artists equivalents.
  2. Hours you have to go through a repeat an artist.
  3. Hours to be passed to repeat a song by category temporary (Top, Hit, Old).
  4. Automatic change of temporary category.
  5. Disable song by the number of radiation.
  6. Self-detection of the final song (cut or fade out) and mixing the songs.
  7. MSC automation system are not generated lists the daily schedule, set the system filters used in searches in real time. Two of the great advantages of operating in this way are:
    1. Possibility to modify at the moment (new advertisement for the same time).
    2. Doing research in real time is able to find an issue to tally the hours and the continuity and respect, avoiding offensive end and little careful.

System programming.

      • Schedule for a day of the week and time.
    • Schedule for a date and time.

Different program actions:

    • Radio formula.
    • Pre-recorded program.
    • Playing a pre-calculated list.
    • Connecting to external audio signal.
  • Pause, live program.

When the system works in radio formula can program any type of file to make it play at specific times. Ex: lottery information, news bulletins schedules, etc.

Security and control

    1. Access password for different users. Customization according to confidence levels (visitors, users and administrators) and according to the tasks can enable or restrict the programs and screens. In small environments can disabled access system control.
    1. Generation of backups, both with regard to BDS as for audio files.
    1. Control of radiation program.
    1. File generation witnessed radiation (logger).
    1. Reports radiation publicity.
  1. Statistical analysis of the musical radio formula expressed graphically (language, styles, interpreter, up to six classifications).


    1. Running with the program as many as you like, each instance can work with a different sound card.
    1. Creation of infinite types of files for better organization of audio.
    1. Drag to select and copy files quickly.
    1. Presentation the list for playback button, getting to have a much faster access to files in the list.
    1. Option to auto-delete files already played.
    1. Playing also file from outside the database.
  1. You can save play lists and import from external formats (winamp, etc.).


Freeware and radio SaaS

Our value is the global service.

These programs are fully operational and can use them freely without any cost.

But that does not mean that the development of such programs do not have a cost.

The business model that we propose is a collaborative model where our customers pay us a comprehensive service to develop new features to suit the needs of each case, be reassured that the anomalies resolved in the shortest time possible. All this constitutes a community to move forward together.

With our services you will achieve full integration with your website. Specifically, you will minimize system management time and you can deploy advanced features that will position you at the top of the radio stations.