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Basic System Configuration

Once the installed programs and the database created it is time to start the MSC Management program where we can define the parameters for the automatic operation of the radio station.

The predefined parameters are valid to fully operate the system.

Positioning of the main management bar. The main bar is always positioned to the left of the screen. If you have several screens you can choose which screen it is positioned on. Move the bar on the desired screen and close the application to save the new position.

Management bar buttons. You can choose which buttons appear on the bar by going to the “Program / Buttons on the bar” menu.

Default sound card and audio editing program. In the «Production / Options /» menu you will find a drop-down with the available sound cards. Click on “Choose audio editor program” to specify your editor.

Note: These two settings are specific to each PC.

Basic parameters in the menu: «Automation / System Settings».

  • General Settings: Complement the ones you think necessary.
  • Programming defauld: specifies how the system should operate when there is nothing assigned in the calendar.
  • File names: change the name to the station’s indicative file and the wildcard files to end the time.
  • Theme music filters: The different musical filters can be organized by categories. Specify these categories here.
  • Audio coding. Change, if necessary, the default values ​​of the quality of mp3 files.
  • Audio files. Create all the categories you need to classify your files. Ex: Files used in a program, special effects, background, etc.
  • MSC-Soft services. If you have contracted some modality of the global service, enter your password here and you will be able to enjoy the advanced functionalities.

Program Creation

In the «Production / Programs» menu Create all the programs of your station by filling in the maximum data of each one.

Import audio files

Note: Be careful when entering the data of each file, keep in mind that if you have hired the global service this information will be displayed on your website.

With the Import Screen we can start importing files. In order for the system to function minimally, several promotions of the station and as many songs as possible can be entered (if the default programming is radio formula musical). If the system does not have enough songs it will remain in standby. To solve this, enter more songs or go to «Automation / System parameters / MSC Continuity / Rules» and here reduce the requirements of the rules used.

Assignment to the Calendar

We establish what you have to do at every hour of the day. Definitions can be made by specific dates (Christmas) or by days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). We can massively create items by selecting a date range.

The type of programming that can be defined are the following:
Automatic programming. This can be defined in the following modalities
◦ Music scheduling.
◦ Broadcast of a previously recorded program.
◦ Execute a list of audio files previously created in MSC Cartucheras.
Connection with central station. The MSC Control program will control the faders of the audio system to input the central station signal.
Live broadcast. The system is stanby because live programming is done.
Run the MSC Controller program
This application is responsible, among other things, for executing the assignments provided in the calendar. If you work in a network, run this program only on the PC that is intended to ensure the continuity of the broadcast.
Go to the “configuration” tab and activate the options: “Execute when starting the Operating System”.

Note: For the other options (“Run MSC Logger” and “Run MSC Stream”) there is a more precise configuration and also, in part, the contracting of the global service.

Run the MSC Cartridge program

This application is the tool we have developed to assist you in the realization of live programs.
Initially set the desired position and size of all available screens, you can also resize the part of the player and the part of the list to your liking. Using the “Tools / themes” menu choose the one that is most comfortable for you. To save the configuration, all screens must be closed.
You can open as many instances of the program as you need, if you have several sound cards, each instance will be loaded with a different one. You can change the assignments and save them to “Tools / Sound Devices”.

In the «audio on DBS» screen it shows you all the available files classified by type. Drag or add the files to the list with the pop-up menu, you can also drag any supported file in Windows Explorer.

Explore and test advanced features.

• The application cannot be stopped if it is playing a file.
• The advertising files will not be mixed for the beginning or the end.
• Panic Button: If for some reason a background file is played and it is not stopped by pressing the stop button. Press the Panic button and it will reset the audio system.

Emergency Service Settings

To ensure the proper functioning of the system we ask you to activate this function, which will send you an email when any anomaly or system error occurs. To do this, run MSC Management, go to the “Automation / System parameters / Emergency Service” menu and check the box that shows you and enter an email. To help us improve this program, you can also activate the “Send to developer” option that will send the same report but only when unscheduled errors occur that cause program stops. With this system, no user or computer information is sent, only a report of the error that caused the uncontrolled shutdown. You can see all the information sent in the file “C: ProgramData msc-soft.com ctlMSC.log”.

Once all this is done, we can terminate the basic configuration of the system and it should work correctly.


If you have problems, incidence or need any clarification, do not hesitate to contact us through the channels we have at your disposal.

Make it possible

These programs are fully operational and can be used freely with no economic cost.
But this does not mean that the development of these programs does not have a cost. The business model we propose is a collaborative model where our clients pay us to be able to develop the new functionalities, to adapt them to the needs of each case, to be assured that the anomalies will be resolved in the minimum possible time. All this constitutes a community to move forward together.

Global service

The true potential of this system is automatic connectivity with all parts of a current radio station.
Web hosting: Dynamic web page with updated information without any additional tasks. Calendar, now we do, sections for each program, radiation history, etc.
Modern and functional player, without interruptions when browsing the web.
Podcasting: Automatic publication of the podcasting for the programs, with segmentation of the file by sections. Example: http://rwdb.net/podcast/
Streaming: broadcast Unlimited listeners at maximum quality, dynamic Metadata information according to the broadcast.

For more information: https://msc-soft.com/services-and-prices/

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